Coffee Lab Pro

Roasting coffee is a craft. During these intensive workshops, we focus mainly on the roasting but also on tasting. Without tasting you can’t check your results.

I give roasting workshops in partnership with Willem Boot. We offer a full training program made of two level course. A primer where you learn the fundamentals of coffee roasting and tasting and a comprehensive coffee lab pro course.

In the primer, we keep it relatively to the basics where you learn about:

• Green coffee and cultivating methods
• SCAA cupping protocol
• The design and functions of a coffee roaster

In the second course, we go deeper. You learn how to recognize defected beans and how to assess green coffee; is the coffee a real Speciality of does it fall under the Premium category? You also learn how to recognise the different varieties and how to roast each category. We make roasting profiles for specific varieties and we do different coffee tasting tests.

SCAE Roasting Certificate

During the course t's possible to get your Coffee Diploma System Roasting cerificates with us. Contact me for details.

Coming dates:

Primer 14 june

CLP 15 - 18 june

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