Become a Barista in five days

There are nowadays lots of barista trainings available. Some two hours training where you gain lots of useful knowledge. But after following such a training, you can’t suddenly become a good barista. It takes more. It mainly needs lots of practice, and preferably under pressure. Only then little boys become men. That is why I offer a five days training in my coffee bar. In the morning we go through the theories, and in the afternoon you run a bar shift under my supervision and put your knowledge to the test.

The five days training is divided into five different subjects:

• Espresso extraction and the adjustment of the coffee grinder
• Milk, foam and pouring techniques
• Brewing methods
• Roasting and cupping
• Exam, theory and practice.

This training is for upcoming talents or professionals who are ready for more. Some basic knowledge and experience is definitely an advantage but not essential.

Fee: € 1000,-
Data: in agreement.